Professional Services

Construction Management & Development Pty Ltd has the expertise to carry out major projects, offering an extensive range of professional services to suit individual client's project requirements.


Construction Management


The construction management approach enables clients, project managers, consultants and the construction manager to work as a team in an arrangement of mutual trust which combines professional and technical skills towards a common objective for the best interests of the client.


The construction management approach allows for change at any stage during the project with minimum cost penalties.


The purpose of this approach is to achieve client objectives of time, cost and quality.


The company has successfully undertaken a large number of projects applying this construction methodology.

Residential Building & Renovation


Over the years Construction Management & Development has built homes for thousands of happy customers.  These have ranged from homes for first home buyers, investment properties through to the construction or renovation of the most luxurious homes and penthouses.


CMD has built in the far north Queensland, central Queensland and the south east as well as extensivley throughout New South Wales.  Construction Management & Development is renowned for its experience in undertaking construction work in remote and difficult locations.


The group has also undertaken construction projects on behalf of nationally recognised publicly listed construction companies.


Design & Construct


Design & Construct contracts are an accepted and popular contract choice for major construction projects.


Under a D&C the designers do the initial design; and CMD completes the design and constructs the works.  A D&C is flexible because the initial design can be as little as a performance specification or a fully developed set of scheme drawings.


A D&C is a cost-effective solution because the price is fixed, provided the client doesn't make changes to their requirements (i.e. variations).


CMD is experienced in undertaking construction utilising this form of contract.


Project Management



Construction Management & Development has won extensive industry acclaim and glowing praise from its clients, peers and government instrumentalities for high quality developments it has delivered.


Our professional expertise particularly shines through in a capital intensive industry.


Our vast range of multi—disciplinary services will offer you a whole new perspective on site. By staying in front of international standards and best practice, CMD’s insight and attention to detail is crucial to your development team.

Project Lump Sum


A lump sum contract is normally used in the construction industry to reduce design and contract administration costs.


It is called a Lump Sum because the contractor is required to submit a total and global price instead of bidding on individual items.


A lump sum contract is the most recognized agreement form on simple and small projects, for example, projects with a well-defined scope or construction projects where the risk of different site conditions is minimal.


Construction Management & Development has successfully undertaken projects applying this construction methodology where applicable.


Development Management



Construction Management & Development has offered Development Management services on some of its most successful projects.


From inception to completion our team has the skills and experience to advise you on all aspects of the development process to enable you to generate development profits and enhance your investment returns.


Property Marketing


Construction Management & Development can also assist developers in achieving pre-sales to satisfy lending criteria on development projects as well as continuing sales throughout the lifespan of the project.





Civil Construction


Construction Management & Development has undertaken some of the most difficult civil construction work possible. 


Our professional expertise in handling difficult sites, approval processes and dealing with multiple stakeholders and reporting agencies is renowned for getting difficult jobs done.


Simpson Homes


Construction Management & Development Pty Ltd recently added a new division to the group called Simpson Homes.  The name was chosen to reflect the three generations of the Simpson family actively engaged in the construction industry.


Simpson Homes will undertake specialised residential construction in a niche market.